42 Cheap Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Simpler, Healthier & Stress-Free

Given how busy life can be — especially with Summer and the end of the school year here — it often seems nearly impossible to take care of ourselves, maintain a clean home, and manage those wonderful “adult” responsibilities. And with prices rising and inflation eating away at the paycheck, who doesn’t want to be impressed by a couple money saving life hacks or gadgets?
That’s why the Livestly editors have created this comprehensive collection of time-saving, health-preserving, friend-and-family impressing, life enhancing tips just for you. Our team of experts has handpicked the best hacks, tips, tricks, gadgets and shortcuts — guaranteed to save you time, save you money and maybe even make those “adult” responsibilities a little bit easier!

Sleep With A Bar Of Soap

Some people say that sleeping with a bar of soap under your sheets can stop your leg cramps at night. Sounds weird, right? But it’s true! This idea got so popular that it was even talked about on the hit TV show “The Doctors.” They surveyed their viewers and 40% of them said sleeping with soap helped their leg cramps and restless legs!
It is believed that the soap sends tiny particles, called ions, into your body, and these ions make their way to your nerves and calm your cramps. Grab a bar of soap and try it tonight — you have nothing to lose!

Miracle Sheets – Literally The Cleanest Sheets Ever Invented

The rapidly expanding Miracle Brand company has developed bed linens that are self-cleaning and self-cooling. You hardly ever see their sheets on store shelves anymore because millions of Americans hurried to purchase them as soon as word spread about how effectively they perform.

Because they use thread that has been treated with silver to eradicate 99% of the bacteria typically present in cotton bedding, Miracle Sheets are the cleanest sheets available. The sheets are incredibly supple while utilizing silver’s capacity to disperse heat, thanks to a unique alloy. As a result, there is no sweat or bacterial growth, and the sheets are always comfortable and cool. Incredible!

Adopting this kind of bedding by luxury hotels and Airbnbs may be the best-kept secret, but it’s already going viral online.

These Jean Buttons

Avid jeans wearers are no doubt aware of all the extra buttons scattered about their pants, usually around their pockets. Seems odd, but those buttons — called rivets — actually have an important purpose: they are strategically placed on the jeans to prevent them from getting worn out at the seams and ripping, and were invented by jean tycoon Levi Strauss who owns the patent on these rivets!

The idea came about in 1829 after miners complained about how quickly their jeans were wearing out. Mr. Strauss came up with a solution to the problem, and hence his denim empire was born!

This Inexpensive Lamp Kills Up To 10,000 Mosquitoes Per Day

Like a lot of people, we relocated from the city to a more suburban area during Covid, and love having our own backyard. However, within about a week of enjoying our backyard life, we came crashing head on with the fact that mosquitos are VERY much a huge issue. Our kids had huge welts, some even got infected. Even more startling was when our pediatrician pointed out that mosquitos kill over ONE MILLION humans per year and should not be taken lightly.

We spent over $1,500 that summer paying one of those local mosquito spraying places to spray our yard with toxic chemicals. Then, one of our neighbors tipped us off on the Zappify Lamps. They were setting these inexpensive lamps up on their patio and even in their house.

They must have had the only backyard on the block where we could actually sit outside all night and not get ‘eaten alive’ by bugs. Needless to say, we bought a few Zappify Lamps and within days, our mosquito population crashed immensely. Check out the videos and grab a discount here:

Flat Takeout Boxes

We’ve all ordered Chinese takeout before, brought it home, and dumped it out onto our own plates. Either that, or we just eat it straight out of the carton. However, we’re sad to inform you that you’re doing it all wrong: the reason that Chinese food takeout boxes are flat is that they are designed to be their own plate.

While the food is still inside the container, you can (easily but carefully) pull the sides apart and set it flat on the table. If you did everything correctly, your meal will be sitting on a flat and perfectly usable plate.

Sleep Connection – Stop Snoring With This Wristband

Are you sick of disturbing your loved one with loud snoring in the middle of the night and have no interest in expensive medical devices, sleep studies or pills? Yup, we’ve been there, which is why we recommend you check out an anti-snore wristband like Sleep Connection.

Sleep Connection, is an inexpensive, anti-snore wristband with proprietary, clever technology to monitor for any hint of snoring as soon (or in many times before) it happens. When it does detect an irregular pattern that may trigger snoring, it produces sensory input that completely silences the snoring.

Give it a shot and try a Sleep Connection Wristband, they are inexpensive, super comfortable — and your bed buddy will thank you!

Total Adblock – Kill Website Ads And YouTube Ads Instantly

Total Adblock is a game-changer for anyone tired of annoying online ads (including those YouTube ads that run every 60 seconds). My IT computer geek brother-in-law (love you!) tipped me off to this, and I’ve got to say, it’s a breath of fresh air in the internet jungle.

But here’s the real kicker: it’s not just about killing ads. Webpages load faster than ever. Total Adblock gets rid of those resource-hogging ads. Total Adblock even throws in some extra security goodies so you can say goodbye to creepy tracking scripts and malware.

Total Adblock is my new internet sidekick. It’s user-friendly, kicks ads to the curb, speeds up my browsing, and even throws in some privacy perks. With over 10,000,000 downloads and 300,000 five-star reviews in the one-and-only Google Chrome store, it’s the real deal.

If you’re on a desktop or a laptop computer, you can instantly download it. If you’re on an iPhone or Smartphone, a quick $1.99 authorization is required to download. Adios ads, hello watching YouTube uninterrupted.

Loop in Back of Shirt

Surely you own at least one nice, collared shirt that has this mysterious loop in the middle of your back. We actually have the Navy to thank for the loops on our shirts! There isn’t a lot of closet space while you’re out at sea, so sailors would have loops on their shirts so they could just hang them on any hook they can find. Today, manufacturers put them on shirts as a sign of class and quality, as well as a subtle nod the history of the US Navy!

iMemories – Transfer Home Videos And Photos To Digital So Your Family Can Enjoy Them Anywhere

Everybody has old family photos, films, and videos stored away, collecting dust in boxes and bins. Did you know that those priceless memories might be lost forever?

To preserve such memories, make sure to convert them to digital as soon as possible.
To be able to relive and share your memories online with family and friends, iMemories converts your old home movies, photos, and slides into digital format.

To get started, you must use one of their SafeShip Kits to transmit your family’s home movies and images to iMemories, and they will handle the rest. Everything becomes digitized, after which you can download it to your computer, watch and share online, and even create DVDs and Blu-rays. The best part? You can start out at $15.