Elderly woman (89) is rejected from business class, but then they find out who she really is

The commotion was starting to get to poor Mrs. Wilson who could hardly take it any longer. All eyes were on her. How was she going to get through this? Even the flight attendant who was trying to help her was starting to get antsy… She was still shaking while putting up her bag after finally being directed to her seat in business class. She felt defeated. But while doing so, an old picture fell out of her bag and the man seated next to her picked it up.

He went to give it back to Mrs. Wilson but took a quick peek at the picture first, he couldn’t believe what he saw. “Is this really yours…?” he manages to ask. But what was it a picture of? What was Mrs. Wilson’s true identity and why did nobody want her in business class?

A mythical place

Mrs. Wilson had grown up in a small town so the amount of security at the airport was like something she had never seen before. She could hardly believe her eyes; she had never been in a place that was quite as crowded. With everything going on, she didn’t know where to look or where to go.

Metal detector goes off

The old woman had a special trick to not lose her keys… she hid them in her shoes. She didn’t realize that they would set off the metal detector. “Ma’am, can you come with me?” Mrs. Wilson’s heart skipped a beat, but she did what was asked of her.

Come with us

The security guards put it simply: “You have to empty all objects from your pockets. The metal detector went off and we’re required to pat you down if you refuse to do so.” Mrs. Wilson removed the key from her shoes and made her way to the gates.

Not looking closely

Mrs. Wilson had done her very best to dress well for her flight, but despite her efforts, others avoided being around her due to her appearance. Fellow passengers and staff alike saw her as some kind of beggar or someone who really couldn’t afford to be there…

Business class ticket

Because she wasn’t able to download the ticket online and print it out, Mrs. Wilson had to get a physical copy at the service desk. The employee working the desk was shocked, how could this woman afford a business class ticket? Could she even be trusted?

Nearly missed her flight

All the ruckus had caused Mrs. Wilson to nearly miss her flight. She had no idea where she was going and just decided to follow the other passengers. But she made one big mistake… these people weren’t headed to the same place. She started to panic…

Friendly employee

One friendly airport worker was the key to Mrs. Wilson getting to the right gate. “Ma’am, you appear to be lost, can I help you out with anything?” the employee asked. Mrs. Wilson nodded yes. Finally, someone was treating her with a bit of respect…

Snooty smile

A few passengers were already in line to board the flight when Mrs. Wilson arrived at the gate. The man checking the tickets smiled at her condescendingly, took a peek at her flight and seat information and let her through to where she needed to be. He suggested staying put so she wouldn’t wind up lost in the airport for a second time.


Nervously, she held her wallet tightly in her hands and checked her watch constantly. One kind young man, also seated in business class, asked “Is this your first time on a plane?”

Time to board

“Yes, it’s my first time and I’m very nervous,” Mrs. Wilson responded with a shaky voice. Boarding started and the flight attendant smiled pleasantly while she asked the passengers to head towards the entrance ramp that connected the plane to the airport. The poor woman was literally shaking…

Helped to gate

Her nervousness didn’t go unnoticed and the boy next to Mrs. Wilson offered to help her onto the plane. After struggling to get her ticket out of her purse, he led her to the entrance where it would be checked. The young man’s jaw dropped when she pulled out a business class ticket.

The ticket

His reaction paralleled that of everyone else that day. How could such a shabby looking woman have a business class ticket? He had considered buying one himself but couldn’t justify the high cost. But he figured that if he played his cards right, he might be able to trick Mrs. Wilson.

Putting her in economy

After checking in, the man offered to lead Mrs. Wilson to her seat on the plane. It was a kind gesture, but she had no idea he was taking her to his seat in economy. He thought it would be an easy heist to pull off, but he clearly didn’t know who he was messing with…

Getting seated quickly

To get to the economy section, they had to walk through business class. And while the young man tried to do this as quickly as possible, much to his chagrin, Mrs. Wilson knew exactly where her seat was when they passed by.