The red carpet isn’t just a place to take photos for celebrities, but also an ideal opportunity for fashion designers to display their creations. Even the most renowned names in the fashion world have faced unanticipated clothing issues during the prestigious occasion.

1. Joy Villa

Villa achieved notoriety for wearing articles of clothing that showed her support of the Trump regime to high-profile events. In addition to wearing a dress with “Make America Great Again” written on it to the Grammys, she also sported an outfit with the words “Build the Wall” in 2019.

2. Lady Gaga

Despite the complexity of her outfit, Gaga was able to expertly create the long train and incredibly tall heels. The only time she tripped was when her top fell off, but she quickly fixed the problem and went on.

3. Beyoncé

Despite the fact that the stylish ensemble was not practical, Beyonce had assistance from her partner, the famous musician Jay-Z, while she moved around the red carpet to get her pictures taken.

4. Cardi B

The dress was beautiful, classic, and seemingly perfect, apart from one issue. When the performer walked onto the red carpet and the stage lights beamed down, it became clear that the dress was see-through. Later on, she posted on Instagram, “Last night was amazing!!! But when I finally realized my outfit was transparent, I was taken off guard.”

5. Zendaya

At the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards, Zendaya wore a pair of exceptionally tall yellow pumps. Her fashion designer revealed to Footwear News that the shoes were not made for use outside. After merely a few minutes of walking to the red carpet, her designer had to support her as her legs were beginning to give out.

6. Ashley Graham

The red carpet has been home to many iconic fashion looks over the years, but not every celebrity can pull it off. One such celebrity who missed the mark is Ashley Graham. The model and television host opted for a bold, oversized black dress for the 2017 Met Gala. The look was not well received, with many fashion critics calling it out for being too unbalanced. Ashley Graham’s fashion choices have always been daring, but this particular look fell short of expectations. Despite this, Ashley Graham has still managed to make a name for herself in the fashion world with her bold style. She continues to be a trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many.

7. Bella Hadid

In 2016 at Cannes Film Festival, Bella Hadid experienced some difficulties. She chose a classic look featuring a long red dress with a high-cut side slit and a pair of heels. Even though the supermodel pulled it off, the dress’s train was surprisingly hard to control.

8. Jenny McCarthy

During the interview, she revealed that she had taken a walk on the red carpet, gone to the Vanity Fair gathering, and felt amazing; however, she couldn’t understand why her dress felt so tight all night. Later, she ran into Valentino who then informed her that she had been wearing her dress backwards.

9. Kendall Jenner

The only problem was that the stilettos just wouldn’t stay on, even though it took two helpers to get them on in the first place. In between shots, their attendants had to keep re-securing the laces. Gigi Hadid even gave her followers a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes situation in a Snapchat video, displaying Jenner trying to remove the sandals at the conclusion of the event.

10. Micaela Schäefer

At the German debut of Men in Black 3, Micaela Schäefer grabbed the attention of everyone present with her unique attire. Her dress was made entirely of VHS tapes and the wind kept ruffling it up. Schäefer accepted it as a part of the designed look and embraced it.