Peek Inside The Obamas' $12M Waterfront Estate

The Obamas just dropped $12M on their new home on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The waterfront property sits on 29 acres of land, and it boasts 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and an outdoor swimming pool. Let's take a closer look inside!

1. The Living Room

Step into this granite-stone castle and you'll see a gigantic living room. It appears quite majestic with the vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, but you'll feel at home when the orange lights are on, as they give off a sense of warmth.

2. The Kitchen

The adjacent open kitchen looks super modern with its silver and creamy white color scheme. Plus, don't you just love a fully-stocked kitchen cabinet?

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3. The Dining Area

The Obamas usually enjoy their meals together in this lovely dining area. It's installed complete with a wall of windows, so that the family can take in the incredible views of Martha's Vineyard.

4. The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom upstairs features not only a king-size bed, but also has a built-in fireplace and a sitting area for the couple to chill together. And with the sunlight streaming through the window, everything about this place seems warm and comfy.

5. The Balcony

The bedroom also comes with a spacious balcony that overlooks the vineyard and the Atlantic Ocean. It offers the family a one-of-a-kind sunbathing experience.

6. The Bunk Beds

Another room of note is this guest bedroom setup complete with bunk beds. It's a cozy cocoon for young visitors to enjoy long late-night talks together.

7. The Bathroom

Every bathroom in this house is as immaculate and classy as you might imagine. This one, for example, is decorated with white tiles that add a real sense of cleanliness to the space.

8. The Backyard Pool

Walk to the back of the mansion and you'll see an outdoor swimming pool that cools the family down on hot summer days. Plus, there's one more surprise next to this area!

9. An Outdoor Dining Area

Luckily, the backyard also features a patio so the family can enjoy some shade on a lovely afternoon.

10. The Rec Room

Right next to the backyard, the Obamas also have a cozy rec room where they can unwind and bond over a friendly game of pool.

11. The Screened-In Porch

Another great spot at the estate is the screened-in porch. It offers a sunny retreat even on rainy days.