Unusual Signs that Can Identify High Intelligence In A Person

It can be tricky, borderline impossible, to identify if someone has a high IQ just by speaking to them. However, there are some high intelligence signs you can look for.

From heavy amounts of empathy and anxiety to having an organized room and… owning a cat (yes, really), these high intelligence signs can be an easy way to figure out of the person you’re in conversation with has scored high on IQ tests and/or other exams that are designed to measure levels of intelligence.

These high intelligence signs may seem strange to some, but they can be invaluable in attempting to spot the smarts among us.

They've Taken Music Lessons

Numerous studies have shown that children who took music lessons early in life, especially between the ages of four and six years old, will register higher IQs later in life. It’s postulated that this is due to the correlation between learning an instrument and the ability to interpret and analyze data and situations.

Eldest Siblings

Rejoice elder siblings. Allegedly, older brothers and sisters tend to register higher IQ scores, likely because they’re often given the most attention from parents and other adults, as well as interacting with their younger siblings from the latter’s birth.

They're in Better Shape

Allegedly, the correlation between being in shape and higher intelligence comes from finances. See, the theory goes that higher intelligence leads to better financial opportunities, which in turn leads to someone being able to afford healthy food, gym memberships, and access to healthcare.

They're Cat Owners

Apparently, cat owners display higher amounts of cognitive abilities than those who own other types of pets. Don’t fret too much though dog owners, your group tends to be more outgoing and introverted.

They've Experimented With Drugs

Shockingly, this is accurate. According to a 2012 study:
“…in our large population-based cohort study, a high IQ at 11 years was associated with a greater likelihood of using selected illegal drugs 31 years later […] a high childhood IQ may prompt the adoption of behaviors that are potentially harmful to health in adulthood.”
So in other words Keith Richards (pictured) must be a super genius?

They're Left Handed

That’s right lefties, you’re in luck. According to a 1995 study, “Researchers found that the more marked the left-handed preference in a group of males, the better they were at tests of divergent thought.”

They're Tall

This one seems to be a bit tenuous, but according to some researchers, tall children who grew into tall adults commonly perform better on cognitive tests.

They Ask the Big Questions

A quick way to potentially gauge someone’s intelligence is to see how often they discuss the existential questions of the universe, such as “What’s the meaning of life?”, “Does God exist?”, “What happens after we die?”, and etc.

They Drink Alcohol

This one just seems a tad unbelievable, but according to “evolutionary psychologist” Satoshi Kanazawa, British and American adults with high IQs as children or teens “drank more alcohol when they grew up.”

They Began Reading Earlier

This one may seem like common sense, but it’s true. The younger a child begins reading the more likely they’ll score highly on intelligence tests later in life. This was further confirmed in a 2012 study on identical twins. Researchers found that the two who learned to read earlier tended to score higher in tests of cognitive ability, and both verbal and nonverbal skills.