William And Kate’s Relationship Is So Different Now

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for almost ten whole years now! They now have three kids together, but this is not the only new thing for them. People have noticed certain changes between them… and it looks like they were brought about by the relationship between Harry and Meghan.

Ups And Downs

Before they tied the knot, Kate and William went through quite a number of obstacles together. In 2001, they first met while studying at the prestigious University of St. Andrews. He first noticed her during a charity fashion show!

At Long Last

When they began dating, there were many things they had to deal with. She suddenly got a lot of media attention and even filed a complaint about all the harassment. It was why they broke up in 2007. However, they would later find their way back to each other and get married at Westminster Abbey a decade after they first met.

The Married Life

After tying the knot, William and Kate had to start a new life together. In 2013, they welcomed their firstborn child, George. While they were close, many took note of how reserved they are with their affections in public.


William and Kate did not show PDA for a reason. They were, essentially, always at work. It is not a good idea to hold hands in the office, right? This was the same for them when there were cameras around, which was very often.

Official Photos

“The Duke and Duchess are almost always seen in photographs taken during official engagements, so they are at ‘work,’ and it would be unprofessional to hold hands,” explained HELLO! writer Emily Nash in 2017. She added, “They also need to shake hands with a huge number of people as they meet them, so aside from being on duty, it wouldn’t be very practical!”

New Couple In Town

In 2017, there was a shift in their dynamics. Many speculated that this change has something to do with Prince Harry and Meghan! Let us take a closer look at why some people started to think this way.

Harry And Meghan

Anyone who reads the news must have seen photos of Harry and Meghan with linked hands or more intense PDA. In July 2018, this royal couple even shared a rather passionate kiss during a polo match!

Royal PDA

She also said that PDA is “simply a matter of preference for each couple and is also likely dependent on the nature of the event.” There might be outliers like Prince Charles and Camilla, but “a more serious engagement would warrant a more serious level of professionalism, which each royal is sure to follow.”


Professionalism used to be non-negotiable. Sally Bedell-Smith, the author of Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, explained why Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are not into PDA: “In the manner of the upper class, neither of them were physically demonstrative.”

Quite Unusual For The Pair

William had been accompanying his wife to the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London. Many noticed the way he put his hand on her leg and back during the event. This was unusual for them!

A Rarity

That was not the end of it. A few days after this, they attended the wedding of Princess Eugenie. They seemed closer than usual again. Kirsten Aiken updated netizens by reporting, “Commentary team oohs and aahs over an apparently rare PDA by William and Kate (mind you, they’re only holding hands!).”